Lluís Cadafalch

Dispersed colors of town

The exhibition and illustration workshop for children of contemporary Catalan artist Lluís Cadafalch have been designed as a window into the contemporary Catalan art scene. As a painter, illustrator and graphic designer, Cadafalch is an author of rich colors and exceptional imagination. Besides painting, he has been professionally dedicated to illustrations that have been published in reputable journals and by important publishing houses for nearly twenty years now.

An exhibition called “Dispersed colors of town” was held in October 2012 in “Dvoriste” gallery belonging to the Cultural Center of Pancevo. The presented works, made in various techniques and formats, were dominated by the color flow and collage. The exhibition included works from the series “Clouds”, “Woman”, “People”, etc. His illustrations and design works were introduced through examples of illustrated books and original drawings. These artworks, bristling with life and color, are the product of the author’s research work and his urge to use art as a reaction to the topics that have troubled him both as a man and an artist.

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