European models of audience development

Educational seminars for cultural operators

The “European models of audience development” consisted of three educational seminars held in Vrsac, Zrenjanin and Pancevo, which were organized for the colleagues from cultural institutions, public and NGO sector in Serbia, especially in Vojvodina.

The main questions that the project posed were: Do we have the appropriate programs for our audience? Do we have the appropriate audience for our programs?

Since the experiences of the European countries support the rationalization of human and economic resources, emphasizing the creativity and innovation and the use of new technologies in order to maintain the existing and create new audiences, the seminars “European models of audience development” were aimed at raising awareness of a cultural product as a marketable product (i.e. the market of cultural offer and demand), which is meaningless without its consumer. Our intention was to provide information and “tools” for analyzing the cultural needs of our society and, therefore, to create programs in accordance with the segmentation of the audience. Furthermore, the project pointed out the necessity of cooperation within the cultural sector, networking of institutions and the establishment of international cooperation. Guest lecturers in the three seminars managed to present various aspects of audience development, with the intention to show positive examples and sustainable models.

This project, launched by Kulturis and supported by the Secretariat for Culture of Vojvodina, included three lectures held by relevant guest lecturers from European countries. The topic discussed was “audience development”, which includes all the actions that a cultural institution should take in order to increase the number of visitors, by encouraging new target groups, providing education and getting a better insight into the needs of regular visitors.

Laslo Hemrik

Cultural institution and communication, museums and visitors

Ángel Mestres

Cultural capital at the service of citizens, transformation of local community centers into modern cultural centers

Richard Hadley

Audience development toolkit: The challenges cultural institutions meet in the circumstances of constant changes

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